Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dlink DCS 930L IP Camera and Recording with ISPY

Everybody now a days are looking forward to cheap surveillance & recording option... Dlink fits the bill

But along comes the pathetic DView recording and viewing software... being proprietary software... if you record with DView you will have to view in DView... and boy.... what a pain is it to view in it and play in it...

So my hunt for a solution which is easy & again... fits the bill.. starts..

Tried many Paid and Free but.... boy... its difficult to get anything work with it properly...

Finally.... Opensource and free came to rescue... ISpy

FREE AND FREE AND EASY... :) Surly fits the $$$ Bill $$$

Ok... Now lets start Installing it...

Download the software

Wait.... you have to download more... 


Full Download 32&64Bit

From FileHippo
Microsoft Link

VLC Player
You you require this... for Sound...

Now... lets start...

1) Install Dotnet 4
2) Install VLC Player
3) Install ISPY Connect software
4) Start ISPY
5) Click ADD
6) Select IP Camera with Wizard
7) Select Camera Model - Dlink
8) Model - DCS-930L
9) Click Next
10) Type in the user credentials for logging into the camera
11) Click Next
12) Type in you camera IP address, Select the Adapter if you have multiple adapters and Port if any customized.
13) Click Next
14) Select the URL which says http://User:Password@ (this URL will reflect the IP of your camera I have entered dummy test)
15) Click Next
16) Edit the Camera Name, Directory (for recording) etc.
17)Click Finish
WE are Still not finished yet..... Close ISPY
18) Camera is installed and it will Record Video but NO Audio Recording... Grrr... Houston!!... We have a problem!!! and we have the solution too.. :) 
19)  Download the Firmware update of camera or from DLINK Site
20) Extract the downloaded firmware zip file to a folder
21) Log into the camera
22) Type in you user credentials to login into the camera webapp
23) Click on Maintainance
24) Select  Firmware Upgrade from left side menu
25)  Click browse and browse to folder where Firmware was extracted in step 20
26) Click Upload and it will take 140 sec to complete the Upgrade
Nope it wont still record the Audio yet....
27) Now Open ISPY
28) Right click on the Video running of the added camera (Step 15) select Edit
29) Now Click on .... dotted browse button next to Microphone.
30) Select New and click on  >> button
31) Select the VLC tab
32) and enter the following in it http://User:Password@ (Change the IP & Login details according to your setup)
33) Below there is Reconnect every.... type in 30 there ( if you dont do this the recording auto stops after 32 seconds) ..... another issue resolved.
34) Type in the Name for Microphone and Folder for recording to mark the devices for future reference.
35) Click Alerts tab, Uncheck  Alerts Enable ( to prevent alerts when ever it records anything)
36) Click the Recording Tab and Select NO Recording (Yup no Recording... else it will auto record when ever it senses any sound)
37) Click Finish...

Now you will see MIC bar under the Video streamed of the camera. 

  OK... We are done now... right click and record not it will record record both Video and Sound that too in MP4 format, better quality, playable in Many many media players

Soooo long... DVIEW.....

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