Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Failed to switch Terminal Server to INSTALL mode while installing Peachtree via Remote desktop

I had some issues with Peachtree.... (never ming Peachtree in inself is an HUGE ISSUE...  A pathetic peace of software anywhere) my company uses it for Accounts.

so I thought of installing it on a test server and I did a remote into it, when i ran the Autorun.exe it gave me the error...

Failed to switch Terminal Server to INSTALL mode ... BLA BLA bla....!!!!

I closed the error and ran setup.exe.... again the same error !!!!

tried many things but nothing did resolve my issue...

was it someting to be set on server  or some config issue....  didnt get anything and  no matter what iI did i couldnt get it to work ...

Just as I was browsing the Install folders I found another setup.exe when I execuited it Peachtree... (the junk) installed successfully..

Path to the file is 


mine was peachtree2010 just search for all .exe files and check yours.

I wonder if its Coders issues or the Company's issues to mislead others or blame other if their crap piece of code dosent work...

the blame was on remote desktop login I dont know WHY? and why it go installed from same CD but another location.

One more Microsoft in the making...


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