Friday, September 10, 2010

Windows 2008 Storage Server Defalut Password


I installed windows 2008 storage server for testing... like all installations... there were no errors or issues.. hummm... uummmm till the time it rebooted after finishing the setup.

Bang came the screen where it was asking the password to logon...?????

I started to remember whether I had configured one during the install or not... typed in few of my default password but none worked..... phew!!

so i tried searching the new. guess what???? (no point for guessing this one ;) ) I was not alone as usual with all M$ products.... everyone who had installed this storage server 2008 edition was wondering and looking for the default password.

it is in the Tools CD which is available from MSDN downloads...

so here is the pass so that many poor soles can be spared from more torture...

wSS2008! is the Default password for Storage server 2008

I wonder why to create a default password as anyhow this will be going to be public.

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