Wednesday, May 16, 2012

T-Mobile WRTU54G-TM @HOME network Outage


From past few days we were having issues with our T-Mobile WRTU54G-TM routers suddenly  they stopped working, SIM was not getting registered, Opened a ticket with T-Mobile support but they didnt bother to resolve it, I found that this was occuring accross the world and many  many users were facing issues.

T-Mobile reply was that we are having Outage with @HOME network  this is confirmed but there is not ETA for it.

As this was having huge impact on our business therefore I tried to find the solution and here is the solution

After doing much R&D with the settings and the T-mobile routers here are my findings and solution....

  1. The issue is not with any particular number series.
  2. The issue is not with the DNS settings.
  3. The issue is not with the Location of the Routers
  4. The issue is not with any ISP
  5. The issue is with the firmware of the T-Mobile router.
  6. The Firmware with V1.00.21 is not working
  7. I downgraded it to V1.00.04 and the lines have started working.

Please downgrade the firmware of the T-Mobile routers which are not working to the attached Firmware V1.00.04.

To downgrade the Firmware please follow the following steps

  1. Make directory c:\TmobileFW
  2. Download the firmware from the below link to c:\TmobileFW
  3. Extract the compressed file and you will get the firmware file “WRTU54G-TM_v1.00.04.bin
  4. Attach the T-mobile router to LAN ports (1-4) to your PC
  5. Set the IP of the computer to
  6. Log into the T-mobile router ( default IP) (admin/admin default)
  7. Click Administration in the menu
  8. Click Firmware Upgrade in the Sub menu
  9. Click browse & browse to c:\TmobileFW & Select WRTU54G-TM_v1.00.04.bin
  10. Click Upgrade
  11. Then let the Router reboot itself (the process will take approx 2 Min)
  12. After the reboot the Lines will be working

direct download link

Also posted in T-Mobile Forum 

Hope this helps someone and their issues are resolved.

REQUEST : if you had any Issues and have resolved them please always SHARE them



for my one office V1.00.04 worked but first I had tried the other versions of Firmwares too.... to find the right firmware to work...

Below are is the link for other version of firmwares. try others as on my second office firmware V1.00.15 worked and not the V1.00.04

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