Thursday, November 6, 2008

MS Dynamic CRM 4.0 Installation

Hi all,

I wanted to install MS Dynamic CRM 4.0 for Testing purpose for my company. I searched all the web but couldn't get any Step By Step guide..

I knew this too.. that this will be a rollercoster experience....

I installed it but reached many road blocks... finally I was able to Instalee it

so i thought why not have my own GUIDE just for reference purpose.

so, here it is for you to have a Look and Refer to...

Before installing CRM 4 Install the Following and do some settings..

( I assume that Domain and DNS is already Configured and Exchange is already installed)

1) Install Windows 2003 with SP2 computer name: 'CRM4SERVER'
2) Install IIS with ASP.NET
3) Install Dotnet 2
4) Install Dotnet 3
5) Install SQL Server 2005 with Reporting Services
6) Install SQL server 2005 SP2
7) Create a OU 'OUCRM' in Active Directory
8) Create a user 'crmadmin' and place it in OUCRM
9) Right click on OUCRM in AD User Management Console and click Delegate Control
10) ADD 'Network Service' and 'crmadmin' give full rights
11) Add 'cradmin' to Local Administrator Group on machine 'CRM4SERVER' on which you will install CRM server.
12) Open SQL 2005 Server Management Console and Add 'crmadmin' as user with windows authentication
13) Install E-MAIL Router Setup from CRM setup Menu on you Exchange server

Note: Install any Updates or Patches avaliable for the above mentioned requirements (not required but for safty sake)

NOW Letus start Installation

1) login on the machine with 'cradmin' credentials
2) Click Install Microsoft Dynamic CRM Server Setup On CRM setup Menu
3) In Put the Serial No
4) Click I agree to License Agreement
5) Now It will Check and Ask for prequisete Installation which are not installed (VC++ runtime & Error reporting Services If you have installed everything mentioned above in Pre Installatio tasks)
6) Click Next
7) Selct Typical ( this will install both CRM application Server and Platform Server)
8) Click Next
9) Type in the SQL server Machine Name in this Case 'crm4server'
10) Click Next
11) Typen in Display Name 'your companys name'
12) Select your Currency Type by clicking Browse button
13) Click Next
14) Click Next (Select Yes if you want to participate in Customer Experience Improvement program)
15) Let it be the Default location unless U want to specify you own.
16) Click Next
17) If this is a dedicated Machine for CRM let it be Default Site in IIS or else select any Port you like and is a for CRM Website
18) Click Next
19) Click Next ( here Your Reporting services URL is shown)
20) Click Browse and Select 'OUCRM'
21) Click Next
22) Let the default Network Services be the account for IIS and ASP.NET service accounts
23) Click Next
24) Type in you Exchange Server Address (Computer name)
25) Click Next
26) Now it will Verify All the Information and after that...
27) Click Next for Setup process to Start
28) Now all configuration and file copy will start after it finishes
29) Restart the PC
30) Now your CRM will be avaliable on http://crm4server or http://crm4server:PORT (entered in step 17)

Yes I know i have not mentioned anything regarding installing Visual C++ 8 Runtime SP1...
I think there is some bug or something like that as VC++ Runtime fails to detect wether Its already installed or not, each time you run any setup of CRM modules from CRM setup MENU first thing it will do is install VC++ Runtime Libraries ;) so no need to metioning it as either way it will automatically get installed.

Visit the following BLOG if you require to know about the perquisite Downloads

HOPE this makes easier for many who want to install Dynamic CRM 4.0

ITS a very good tool to do CRM

phew!!!... thats lot of typing....

This was a DARE ... SHARE... n Enjoy situtation

signing off......

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